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                            Laboratory of Virology, Oncology, Biosciences, Environment and New Energies,
                            Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Techniques Mohammedia,
                            Hassan II University of Casablanca, Morocco.
                            In Collaboration with :
                            Faculty of Medicine, Jean Monnet University, Saint-Etienne, France.
                            Faculty of Sciences and Techniques Gueliz , Cady Ayyad University, Marrakech.
                            Charite Virchow University Hospital, Berlin, Germany.
                            Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan.
                            Faculty of Science, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
                            Pasteur Institute of Casablanca, Morocco. National Center for Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology, Rabat, Morocco.
                            Mohammed V Military Hospital, Rabat, Morocco.
                            National Center for Scientific and Technical Research, Rabat, Morocco.
                            Thematic Research Centers: Health and Biotechnology, Casablanca, Morocco.
                            Faculty of Health Sciences, University Marien Ngouabi, Congo Brazzaville.


                            The Fourth International Symposium on
                            Emergent & Reemergent
                            Viral Pathogens

                            Theme : Viruses and Cancers

                            Symposium Venue : Faculty of Sciences and Techniques Mohammedia
                            Dates : November, 23th, 24th and 25th, 2023

                            • SYMPOSIUM OBJECTIVES

                            - To overview and update the scientific research progress in the field of virology in particular oncoviruses and cancers.
                            - To promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge between national and international scientists and practitioners in the field of virology and cancers.
                            - To inform and disseminate recommendations to the stakeholders, decision makers, private sector companies and health care workers on the importance of virology in the development of cancers, human health, new tools of viral prevention, diagnosis, vaccination, therapy and recent advances in research and biotechnology.

                            INTERNATIONAL STEERING COMMITTEE

                            - Bourlet Thomas, France
                            - Hafid Jamal, Morocco
                            - Jalid Sehouli, Germany
                            - Ennaji Moulay Mustapha*, Morocco.

                            SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE

                            - National : Bennani Abdelouahab /Amine Abdessamad/ Barakat Mustapha/ Bouziyane Amal/ Rihabe BOUSSETTINE/ Chehab Farid/ Erguibi Idrissi/ Hafid Jamal/ Lakhiari Hamid/ Kettani Halabi/ Said Bougribil/ Fathi Khalid / Laraqui Abdelilah/ Lkhider Mustapha/ Hlima Bessi/ Mzibri Mohamed / Wakrim Lahcen / Baha Warda / Benchekroun Mohammed Nabil /Mouallif Mustapha/ Oudghiri Mouna / Sayeh Ezzikouri/ Takati Nadia/Ennibi Khalid/ Tagajdid Rida / Abi Rachid/ Naitlhou Abdelhamid/ Bennani Bahia/ Berehou Amine/ Amghar Souad/ Benjouad Abdelaziz/ Saile Rachid /Attaleb Mohammed / Lkhiyati Meryem/ Aboudkhil Souad/ Qmichou Zineb/ Abdelghafar Houria / Bennani mchita Mohcine/ Ennaji Moulay Mustapha*.

                            - International : Anicet Bomba, Congo/ Berjas Abumsimir, Jurdan/ Donatien Moukassa, Congo/Etienne Mokonfjimobe, Congo/ Gourong Li, France/ Ihsane Ali Mhasneh, UAE/ Jean-Rosaire Ibara, Congo/ Karomoko Yahya, Côte d’Ivoire/ Longo Mbenza, Democratic Republic Of The Congo/ Mokondzi Mobe, Congo/ Samira Zoua, Gabon/ Bourlet Thomas, France/ Yassin Kasmi, Germany/ Angélique Ndjoyi, Gabon /Črtomir Podlipnik, Slovenia.

                            ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

                            - Bennani Abdelouahab /Barakate Mustapha/Benchekroun Mohammed Nabil/ Benhessou Mustapha/ Bessi Hlima/ Hafid Jamal/ Hmyene Abdelaziz/ Ketani Halabi/ Lamsisi Meryame/ Laraqui Abdelilah/ Lkhider Mustapha/ Mzibri Mohamed/ Hlima Bessi/ Lakhiari Hamid / Mouallif Mustapha/ Boussettine Rihabe / Sayeh Ezzikouri / Takati Nadia/ Bennani Bahia/ Amghar Souad / Boutaled Nadia/ Eliani Aissam / Khatabi Khadija/ Bahlaouane Bouchaib / Ennaji Moulay Mustapha*/ Bourlet Thomas

                            • PhD Students Support Comittee :

                            - Aqerrout Mouna /Anouar Tadlaoui Kaoutar/ Abulalaa Kawtar/ Alaoui Sosse Soukayna /Dorine Florence Luthera Ngombe Mouabata /Ennaji Youssef / M'harrach Imane/ Morjani Ouafaa /Mahari Imane / Nabil Said/ Nabil Kawtar / Najih Mouad /Patrina Joseph Iloukou Mayakia/ Tiabi Ikram .

                            Homage Ceremony

                            Distinguished Researchers

                            GUIDELINES TO AUTHORS

                            The authors are invited to fill the registration form and submit the abstract using the

                            Template available at the conference web site.

                            The Abstract and Registration form should be sent to lvob2en.oncoviruses.symposium23@gmail.com no later than October 23th , 2023 at midnight.

                            Please indicate “Abstract” in the subject of your message. The file title of your abstract should be noted as follow: “First Author_et al._Topic_number_Oral-or-Poster”. The communication can be presented in English or French, however, the Power Point slides should be in English. The Posters have also to be written in English.

                            – Abstract submission deadline: Open.



                            Download the Abstract Template from the link below :

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                              FST Mohammedia, Morocco

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